Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Week Three Update

After all of the tallying, checking and cross-checking, it seems that we have 201 teams continuing on.

And if Challenge #6 is upon us, that means we're already halfway through the Race! Congratulations to the 400-plus racers still hanging in with us.

And speaking of Challenge #6, we have had some questions regarding whether both team members could complete this challenge. We've checked with the judges (who are not nearly as nasty as Simon Cowell) and have come up with this ruling: While there is only one official submission per team, both racers may complete the challenge if you wish. Please remember to link to your partners original layout (per the example at Sweet Shoppe Designs). ALSO, please designate your teams "official" layout should both team members choose to complete this challenge.

Also, please remember that both challenges are due by midnight Sunday, Eastern Daylight Time. If you need a reference, here is a handy online world clock with many major cities in the world. Find your time zone, and then compare it to New York. Make sure to upload before it strikes 12:00 AM in New York!

Have fun!

1 comment:

Maggie said...

I just want clarification please - is that Sunday midnight as in coming from Saturday or as in going into Monday?