Sunday, November 30, 2008

Season 4 Rules

At NDISB, we've come up with a cool internet digital scrapping game that will mirror the excitement of the TV reality show "The Amazing Race." Teams of two will traverse the digital scrapping world, site by site, completing challenges and collecting prizes along the way. Everyone who completes the week's challenges in the allotted time frame will move on to the next week, where they can collect even MORE prizes! And at the end of the race, everyone who has travelled around the digiworld and completed each and every challenge will be entered into a drawing for the GRAND prize!


Team registration begins on Monday, December 1. So the first thing you have to do is find yourself a partner! Once you've done that, please send ONE email per team to with the following information:

Your Team Name:

Racer 1 Name:
Racer 1 Email:
Racer 1 NDISB gallery*:
Racer 1 NDISB Forum User name**:

Racer 2 Name:
Racer 2 Email:
Racer 2 NDISB gallery*:
Racer 2 NDISB Forum User name**:

A team blinkie for the blog
A link to your team’s blog, if you have one


*You may upload to as many galleries as you like, but we need a link to your NDISB gallery. If you don’t have a gallery at NDISB yet, you will need to set one up. This is the one gallery where you will be sure to upload all of your challenge layouts so we can check to make sure you qualify for the next round.

By having a gallery at NDISB, we ensure two things. One, you have a single location where ALL of the race layouts will be posted for everyone to see. Two, if we don’t get your e-mail for whatever reason, we can still verify that your layout was posted by the deadline. During previous seasons, we had a number of sites down for maintenance, or other issues which prevented us from verifying layouts in time. This should alleviate that.

Each challenge will have its own sub-gallery at NDISB. You will upload your challenge layouts to the corresponding weekly challenge gallery. By default, they will also show in your member gallery. You may also upload any other layouts you wish directly to your member gallery.


We will have a Grand Prize winning team as well as two runners up. The Grand Prize pool will be split with 50% going to the Grand Prize team and 25% each to the two runners up teams.


We will be kicking off Season 4 with a fun chat on Friday, January 2 at 10:00 PM EST at our sister site, Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild, in the DSAG chat room. Everyone in attendance will receive a free mini kit; stay tuned to this blog for a preview.


The first challenge will be posted on Sunday, January 4, 2009. A link to the challenge will be posted on the blog as soon as it is received by the Race Host. Each participating site will host a single challenge, but the rotation, dates and challenges are a secret until they are officially posted.


Subsequent challenges will be posted each Sunday and Tuesday, with Challenge Two posted on Tuesday, January 6, 2009. Both weekly challenges must be completed by midnight Eastern the following Sunday to qualify to continue in the Race. Each participating site will host a single challenge, but the rotation, dates and challenges are a secret until they are officially posted. The links to the challenges will be posted on the blog as soon as possible. You can also "stalk" the known sites and keep your eyes peeled for challenges before they're posted on the blog.


A challenge is considered complete when:

1. The challenge(s) have been completed according to the challenge rules,

2. The challenge(s) are posted to each Racer’s main gallery, and

3. Each racer has posted a link to their official layout in this thread. Each team will have their own thread, based on their team number. As you post your layouts to the NDISB Gallery, please post a new reply in your thread with the link to those galleries. No need to send e-mail now. And each partner may post to the thread as they post their layout. BUT - BOTH POSTS NEED TO BE BEFORE THE DEADLINE! To eliminate confusion, we have posted a clock in the upper left-hand corner of the ADSR Blog with the time in New York.

Everyone who has completed Week One will qualify to continue racing during Week Two, and the fun begins all over again. THERE IS NO JUDGING, AND THE ONLY WAY TO BE ELIMINATED IS TO FAIL TO COMPLETE THE WEEK'S CHALLENGES.


Each time you complete a challenge you will receive a prize from the host site. You may receive a direct link, or you may receive a coupon code. Prizes and delivery of said prizes are at the discretion of the site host only. The Race Host has no control over what the prizes will be or how the site host will choose to deliver them. You will never be required to sign up for newsletters, or purchase anything in order to participate in the Race. You may, however, be required to register in a site’s store in order to redeem a coupon.

There will be a hidden forum for posting of prize codes, download links, etc. When you register, you will need to send your NDISB Forum User name so we can add you to the hidden forum.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your application to participate in The Amazing Digi Scrapping Race constitutes an agreement that any prizes or codes obtained in the course of the Race are NOT to be distributed by any means. Terms of use in each prize MUST be honored by all Racers. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the Race and your application for future Races will be denied. Digital piracy will not be tolerated.


If for some reason during the course of the Race your partner cannot continue, you have two options:

  1. Continue the race solo, completing the challenges alone and collecting the weekly prizes, but you are then ineligible for the Grand Prize drawing, or

  2. Find another partner who has also been displaced, but has not yet been disqualified. In this way, you are both still eligible for the Grand Prize drawing. For example, Team A has player 1 drop out due to unexpected illness and Team B has player 2 drop out due to computer hard drive crash. The remaining players from Teams A and B can form Team C and continue to race and be fully eligible.

So are you ready? If so, get those applications to me starting Monday, December 1. The deadline to register is midnight Pacific Standard Time Friday, December 26.Then start toning up and working on your're going to need all the scrapping strength and mojo you can get if you want to win!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Still doing a bit of housekeeping

As you can see, we are cleaning out the cobwebs and doing a bit of dusting!

We have our new header in place with side column labels on the way.

We've cleaned out the ADSR 3 teams making space for all of our new ADSR 4 contenders.

Thanksgiving day turkey is still settling, but we are working feverishly to get registration set up soon. Keep your eyes open!

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Blog Graphics!

A big Natural Designs THANK YOU, to our very own Mellykat!

Melly updated our blog header to reflect Season 4 using some of Theresa's new products which you can find here. Stay tuned for updates. We'll be posting rules and registration information soon!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So what is The Amazing Digi Scrapping Race?

Good question!

For a quick introduction to what the ADSR is, you can go to this forum post in the Natural Designs forums and read more about it.

Once you've read that, and you think you might want to play, but you've never done it before, please just wander around inside the ADSR - Season 4 forum, and you will find most of your questions are answered for you. If you need a partner, we have a thread where you can look for one. If you still have an unanswered question, you can ask it in the "I have a question" thread! While we may not have all of the answers yet, we have learned a few things the last three go arounds, and have continued to refine the race.

If you are still really wondering if this is something that you can do - you absolutely can! We have new racers every year, some who have never even scrapped a single page before. If they can do it, you can too!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sites of Season 4

Scrounging through Theresa's posts in the ADSR4 forum over at NDISB, I found this little nugget here:

All of our sites have confirmed. So here is where you'll be visiting in ADSR 4:

Inspiration Lane

Anita Stergiou Designs

Pixel Gypsy Designs

Hummie's World

{we are} storytellers

Gotta Pixel

Scrap Orchard


Elemental Scraps

NDISB (of course)

Sunshine Scrap Studios

KB and Friends

It's Official!

Mark your calendars! The Amazing Digi Scrapping Race 4 will begin the first Sunday of 2009 (January 4, 2009)!

There is still much to do, and arrangements to be made, and ideas to capture, but at least now we know when it will get underway. For additional information, please check out the ADSR4 Forum at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking, the host of ADSR4. You need not register in the forum to read any of the posts, but registration is required if you wish to post in the forum. We have already started a FAQ thread, an "I need a partner!" thread, and other useful information will be posted as well.

In order to manage forum spam, new member moderation has been activated. This means zero spam on our forum, but it means there will be slight delay in approving you to post on our forum. We appreciate your understanding and know that you will enjoy our zero spam forum.

If you have questions, please post them in the "I have a question" thread so that we can find them and answer them in a timely manner.

If this if your first time to the race, we hope you enjoy your experience. If you are returning to the race, hopefully that means you had fun before! Welcome one and all to the most fun (and challenging) series of challenges around!