Friday, March 14, 2008

Posting the Code in Your Layout for Challenge 6

Here is what you need to know to put your partner's layout in your challenge 6 layout posting. To get the link to your partner's layout, if it is posted at NDISB, just right click on their layout and Copy Image Location. Then past this location between the image codes.*

Please post your layouts to the Challenge #6 Gallery at NDISB no later than the above noted deadline. You MUST include the image code for your partner's original layout in your description so their layout is displayed right under yours in the gallery.

To do this, upload your partner's layout sized to 500x500 to photopost or similar and in your layout's description use the following code to show off their original page alongside your credits in the gallery...

[ img][ /img] (close up the spaces to display)

Click Here to see a sample layout in the gallery of exactly what we're looking for

*If it is posted at another gallery, we ask you to save it down and then either upload it to your gallery and copy the image location, or host it on a third-party site, such as photobucket. Other sites have to pay for all the bandwidth they use, so if you use the link for another digital site and link that back to NDISB, every time that layout is viewed, it is using that other site's bandwidth.

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