Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Regarding Challenge No. 1 Prize

I know many of you don't use Photoshop as your preferred software and that makes the prize from Challenge 1, not particularly useful to you. The owner of Digital Scrapbooking Classes, Christy Haig, wanted me to pass this note along to you:

"I want to apologize that the things in my store are not usable for everyone. All of my templates are in PSD and TIF format because I know those file types can be used by most digital scrappers, including those who use Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and ACDSee. I realize however, that not everyone can access these files. To those who have contacted me with this concern, I have offered two alternatives. First of all, the calendar templates in the store are png files so these can be used by a broader audience. If these of not of interest to you, you can contact me and I will transfer the template(s) sets of your choice to png files that can then be reassembled in the program of your choice. I'm sorry that I don't have access to all of the scrapbooking programs out there to create files specific to all programs."

Thanks, Christy, for being so responsive to the racers!

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Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

That is awesome of Christy to offer that :). I am loving the support from the hosts and "head honchos" of the race :) AND from the teams! I have several friends racing and everyone is so happy to help everyone else out! This is such a fab community to be part of :)