Friday, March 14, 2008

Challenges #5 and #6 are very, well, challenging!

Clarification - we checked with the challenge hosts (since they are their challenges and not ours).

Challenge 5: The interview subject may not be an animal, person or body parts. An example of an inanimate object would be a desk, chair, car, cell phone... you get the idea. And it must be an interview - questions with responses. If both of these aspects are not adhered to, the layout won't count.

Challenge 6: Opposites must be adhered to also. Examples: Happy/Sad, Winter/Summer, Sleeping/Awake. Also, the original layout must be spun, flipped or inverted per the rules. This is why an image posted below your layout is required - to be able to check this quickly.

On both of these challenges, since the journaling is an important part of the challenge, if it is not easily readable, please add it to your description. Click on the left most icon in the lower row of small icons under your layout to edit your original information.

As this clarification is not being posted until Friday, we are extending the layout deadline one day. The upload deadline for Challenges #5 and #6 is midnight Eastern Daylight Time Monday, March 17. You have until it says Monday, 11:59 PM here if you need help with the time zones.



Crystal said...

How do you do this?
"image posted below your layout is required - to be able to check this quickly."

Sandy said...

crystal, if you look at the rules on the host site for this challenge, you'll see all the details for posting an image in the description area.

~*~ Sarah said...

Well, I think these were perfectly clear in the challenge descriptions, but you are awfully nice to extend it for those who might need it!