Monday, March 24, 2008

Clarifications on Challenge 9

There were several questions posted about challenge 9. Here is some information we posted in our forums, and I think it's relevant to the questions asked here too. There is no one definition of what altered art is. But in my mind, I'm thinking a collage style.

Here are a couple of definitions I found on "altered art":

From Fragile Industries Studios:

"Altered art is a broad term that encompasses many styles and genres of art. At its most basic, it gives a new artistic life to old and/or used mundane, utilitarian items through the application of techniques and combinations, some recognized as standard artistic methods, some not. "

From Wikipedia although this is more about altered books, it can totally apply to a scrapbook page:

"An altered book is a form of mixed media artwork that changes a book from its original form into something else. An altered book artist takes a book (old, new, recycled or multiple) and cuts, tears, glues, burns, folds, paints, adds to, collages, rebinds, gold-leafs, creates pop-ups, rubber-stamps, drills, bolts, and/or be-ribbons it. The artist may add pockets and niches to hold tags, rocks, ephemera, or other three-dimensional objects. Some change the shape of the book, or use multiple books in the creation of the finished piece of art."

And from Altered-Art.Net:

"From what we have said it would seem that one answer to this question is that it involves altering or combining existing works of art to produce new pieces of artwork. However, most people would understand this expression to mean the transformation or 'alteration' of ordinary, everyday objects into artistic pieces using, for example, rubber stamps, fabric, paper, paint and fibres."

So I don't want to give you too many guidelines, because art is subjective. Basically, think collage, mixed media, mixing new and old, vintage and modern, etc. But it doesn't HAVE to be old, heritage of vintage. Just some examples.

And my apologies to David Adams of Altered-Art, somehow the link to his site didn't come through the first time I posted this. It has been properly added. Thanks for letting me know, David!

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