Friday, February 29, 2008

NDISB is Temporarily Down

It seems our hosting company is having issues as quite a few sites that all host with the same company are down right now. We hope to have it resolved soon.

Bonus Challenge Q&A

Q) When is this due?
A) Because it is optional, and a bonus, there is no official due date, but it must be completed before the race ends. Because it is optional and because there is no official due date, I will e-mail the prize codes to you when you complete the challenge rather than posting them in the private prize code forum.

Q) Where do we post our Bonus challenge LOs at NDISB? Is this considered Challenge Number 3 or is there a special Bonus Gallery??
A) We will create a Bonus challenge gallery. Give us a day or so. (Done now)

Q) Is this a team challenge, or can each team member do it individually?
A) All challenges are individual challenges unless it is specified. Since this one didn't specify it as a team challenge, it is an individual challenge. And because it is optional, both team members do not need to complete it.

BONUS Challenge!!

So, we mentioned we'd have a couple of surprises this season. The first was that the NDISB admin chose to hand out gift certificates to the team with the blinkie he liked the best. Surprise number two is a BONUS challenge!

This challenge is brought to your courtesy of DragonFlaire Studios. This fun challenge is optional, but should you choose to participate, they have a $10 gift certificate to their store and a chance to win a one-year subscription to Ladies Home Journal.

To see the details of this bonus challenge, click here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh No! We don't use the same software!

I can already hear you. "How on earth are we ever going to accomplish this challenge? I use XXXX, and you use XXXX. What are we going to do?"

I would suggest that you post your question here. Someone will probably come along with an idea to help you out.

As a non-scrapbooker, I don't really know too much about the various apps, and their compatibilities, or lack thereof. But I do know that if you ask a question of our community, they will step right up to help you out. They're like that!

Speaking of our community, if you haven't checked us out yet, I suggest that you start here. This is our announcement forum, and we currently have a few things going on that might just catch your interest!

Challenge No. 2 is Up

And it sounds like so much fun!! You can find it at theDigiChick.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can you say AMAZING!

It is not yet the end of the day here in California (Sunday, Day One), and already there are over 100 layouts posted in the NDISB Challenge 1 Gallery! I am absolutely blown away! You weren't all chomping at the bit to get started, were you?

We would love to take credit for this idea, but feedback from the last race suggested that one place, where everyone could see everyone else's layouts for each challenge would improve the race. And we are all about improvement here! So, go... enjoy! And look forward to the second challenge coming up on Tuesday!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Challenge No. 1 Has Been Posted!!!

At Digital Scrapbooking Classes. Go check it out!

For those of you that scrap Heritage layouts...

you might want to check this out.

Just the FAQs ma'am

A lot of questions came up during the chat last night, so we wanted to create an area to make sure that they got answered. If you look in the left column of the blog, you will see a banner that says "Race Links". The first item under the banner is "Season 3 FAQs" which Theresa put together after the chat. Hopefully this will answer any last minute questions that you have. Also, don't forget to go to the ADSR forum in the NDISB forum. It has all kinds of useful stuff!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Did someone say SURPRISE!

As the ADSR3 kickoff chat is winding down, I decided to dish up the surprise that I've been holding on to.

The Ogre of NDISB, being generally Ogrely and typically Ogre-like, has been unusually and unavoidably swept up in the excitement that is the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race.

And so, after reviewing all of the team blinkies that have been submitted up to this point in time, he has decided to bestow upon one lucky team two $15 gift certificates to the Natural Designs in Scrapbooking store (one for each team member). His selection of said blinkie comes based solely on his warped grey matter and somewhat questionable taste. That being said, his general selection criteria were as follows:

Make it fun
Mention the race
Mention the racers
Make it readable (some moved so fast that his poor old eyes couldn't keep up!)

With that, the lucky winner is:

Hot & Spicy Scrappers (Team 207)

Congratulations to Amber and Alane! Look for an email soon with your gift certificates to the NDISB store.

Chat Tonight!!

Will be in the DST chat room! Thanks so much to DST for allowing us to use it!

See you there!

Almost Time!

We're putting the finishing touches on the details of the race which will slowly be revealed over the 6-week race. But, the festivities kick off tonight with a fun chat. Attendance is not required, but if you're dying to chit chat about the race, and pick up a freebie in the process, then come check it out. The chat will be at 10:00 PM EST (7:00 PM PST) in a to be named chatroom.

We hope to host it at NDISB, but are having some issues with our chat software right now. So stay tuned to the blog for the location. We'll let you know as soon as possible.

For those of you who cannot make it, I'll do my best to post the transcript in the ADSR private prize forum. But this may be subject to the chat software we'll be using, depending on where we end up going. regardless, I'll make sure everyone has the code to download the kit. I created this kit, Vintage Getaway, specifically for the chat.

Hope to see everyone tonight!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Over 200 Teams and Counting

Today is the last day to register, so as long as you get it in by midnight PST, you're safe. I still have about a dozen or so e-mails in my inbox to process. Those were all sent in the last 24 hours or so. If you sent in your application prior to February 14 and have NOT heard from me, please e-mail it again. And just to be safe, copy my other e-mail address:

theresa at ndisb dot com

We're getting close! There will be a kick-off chat next Friday and the first challenge will be posted sometime next Sunday. So keep your eyes peeled on the blog!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're almost there!

February 13th, and 195 teams registered!

Oh, and did I mention there might be another little surprise? One due to happen any day now? Even before the start of the race? Stay tuned...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Only four days left!

All of you procrastinators out there who've been saying "One of these days..." are starting to run out of days!

We are approaching 200 teams for ADSR3! How exciting! Remember, the cutoff for registering is this Friday, February 15 midnight pacific standard time to have your application in. You should send it to racehost at ndisb dot com. Make sure you send in all of the necessary information per the rules below.

Also, if you haven't checked out the ndisb home page lately, you might want to take a look. We have five new layouts in our online digital scrapbook. (What better way to show off digital images, than in a digital scrapbook!) And if you've ever wondered what it takes to get your layout on the Natural Designs home page, you can check out the guidelines here. You can also check out the current, and former, layouts that have been featured on our home page. Who knows... yours might be next!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The deadline is fast approaching!

Just a reminder - per the official rules below:

The deadline to register is midnight Pacific Standard Time Friday, February 15.

If you are still looking for a partner, you might try the NDISB forum set up for that. Try PMing some of the ladies that have already posted. Also, if you do partner up, and have posted in the forum, please update your post to let others know. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Official ADSR3 Blinkie is HERE!

For all of those wishing to sport the latest in blinkie fashion, you can snag the official ADSR3 blinkie from the column on the left. Scroll down to where you see the "Race Teams" banner. The first blinkie under that is the ADSR3 blinkie for you to show off to all of your friends, neighbors and co-workers.

See, we're already giving things away! Enjoy it in good health!

Also, the quickest way to see if we have processed your application is to look down that list of race teams. As the applications are processed, the team blinkie (or name) is inserted in the blog. There may be a slight delay, but usually not much.