Monday, March 3, 2008

Challenge 3 update

We are continuing to work on a positive resolution to the challenge three prize situation.

If you have not been following the topic in the NDISB forum, a quick recap:

Digital Scrapbook Memories (DSM), the host of Challenge #3, only products are digital scrapbook products delivered via CD, and sold via their online store or through retail establishments. DSM has an agreement with their CD retailers that they will not offer their product available via download. It is for this reason that products on the CD can not be made available via download as a prize for the racers. DSM's current offer is to make a $24.95 CD available to racers for $5 to cover shipping costs. DSM has agreed to ship to any racer, in any country for $5.

As many racers have expressed disappointment in having to pay for any prize (the rules specifically state that no payment will be necessary for any portion of the race) we are currently evaluating alternatives that may prove to be suitable. As soon as we have additional information, it will be posted on this blog, and in the NDISB Forum.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work toward an equitable resolution for all involved.


Val said...

ernie, Teresa ogre and who ever is involved more or less in this hudge ADSR race.
and ALL hosts of this ADSR3


Don t worry too much, it is a GAME!
Digiscrap is not about fight and bad spirit, so
I am sure we will all have fun any way.

Figure out something, but don t worry to much ok?

I just wanted to say it, as I am sure that most of us think this way.


Leah said...

You guys ROCK!!! This is such a fun challenge and such a fun we just don't pay the money if we don't want to biggie!!! We are in it for FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!!!! And that is exactly what I am having...FUN!! FUN!! FUN!! You all are AWESOME...NDISB is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!11

Jackie said...

I'm here for the fun of the challenges! Everyone involved seems to be very happy to try and work it out. The flat rate shipping is VERY generous as it is probably a lot more to send to other countries! Cudos to everyone involved!

nanasdinky said...

You know...Even if we dont get a kit for this challenge so what?? They are picking 25 random scrappers, right?? To send the CD's some will win...Things happens sometimes that we have no control over and I dont think you all should feel bad or have to think of an alternative...Anywhooo...This is my 1st time in the race and Im having a ball so far.Like the others who posted said...dont worry so much.This is for fun.I appreciate all the hard work you all are doing.Theres going to be some that may gripe but there always are sad to say..Its just their nature :)Anyway again, thank you for all your hard work.