Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Challenge 3 - Q&A

I had a couple more questions on this after we posted the resolution.

Q.) Is this optional or not? I' m still confused.
A.) Because we did say it was optional, I think we need to leave it optional at this point. It wouldn't be fair to go back and make it mandatory again. What this means is that if you complete the challenge, you will have your choice of the two prizes. If you do not complete the challenge, you won't get a prize, but you also won't be disqualified.

Q.) Do both partners need to complete the challenge?
A.) No. It's optional. Neither one needs to complete it. And just because one team member completes the challenge does NOT mean the other one also needs to.

Q.) How do I indicate which prize I'd like?
A.) Please notify April at DSM which prize you would like. This is their "contact us" form. No registration required. We'll work closely with April at DSM to keep this all straightened out. Also, be sure to see April's last post in this thread regarding buying additional CDs. And be sure to drop her a kind note of thanks for her generosity!!


Miriam said...

I can't seem to find April's post about buying additional cd's.. I am interested :-)

Anonymous said...

It's a really short post in that big LONG thread. She basically said if you buy more CDs, they can all be shipped for free too, even if it's out of the country.