Monday, July 9, 2007

Yes... we know, we know... it's been six days...

But sometimes these things can't be avoided.

In fact, this is Ernie, posting on Theresa's behalf.

On Thursday, we experienced a medical emergency within Theresa's family that required our presence at the hospital some over the last several days. Everything has resolved itself now, but it was nevertheless a challenging time for all of us for awhile there. If interested, you may find out more at Theresa's blog.

Now on to matters ADSR!

There has been a flurry of activity these last several days, although much of it is behind the scenes. We have received applications for over 150 teams! And still counting! In fact, if you still need a partner, there are some wonderful folks still looking to partner up, and you can find them here. We are trying to get all of the teams names updated in the column on the left. You may submit a blinkie if you wish, and we'll get it up as soon as we can.

We are still finalizing the Grand Prize, but we can tell you that it is now valued at over $800 per team member in Valuable Prizes! (Yes... capitalized Valuable Prizes. LOL)

Keep in mind, registrations will close tomorrow, per the race rules (posted in the first post of June, and also here.)

We'll do our best to keep you up to date on what's going on, but right now we are just trying to keep our head above water (read: Theresa is doing all the work, while I'm sitting around watching TV and eating bon-bons).

And the first challenge is still scheduled for July 16th.

If you have already communicated with Theresa about any special needs, unless you got a bounce back message, rest assured that it's in her in box, and she'll get to it. As registration is nearing a close, we can't believe how close and exciting the action is.

Watch this space...


babydoe said...

These may be a really dumb question but I'm going to ask them anyway.
1. If LOs aren't judged but only to make sure they meet the requirements. What determines the GP winners? The team who posts the last LOs first?

2. What time on Mondays and Thursdays will the challenges be up on the site?

3. What time on Sunday is the cutoff for registering and posting LO links?

Bob said...

Bon Bons? YOU are eating bon bons and didn't share? ACK! Just plain chocolate bon bons or ice cream chocolate bon bons? Please be more specific in the future.

Next time, bring enough for all of us!

Love ya Ernster! Thanks SO much for supporting Theresa, NDISB and all of us needy digi-scrappers at this time!