Monday, July 9, 2007

A few more questions

Here are a few more questions we recieved after our last post:

1. If LOs aren't judged but only to make sure they meet the requirements. What determines the GP winners? The team who posts the last LOs first?

As stated in the rules, the Grand Prize will be awarded in a drawing of all eligible contestants. Basically, it will be something like this. All eligible teams will have their names written down on identically sized pieces of paper. One of our children (likely) will draw a piece of paper out of a plastic sand bucket. (We're all about high tech). This may be digitally video recorded to provide a proper accounting.

2. What time on Mondays and Thursdays will the challenges be up on the site?

As the sponsoring sites putting up the challenges are, literally, around the world, we are leaving it up to the sponsoring sites to determine the timing of the challenge postings. We haven't done the calculations, but even with the world time zones, we expect that you should have at least two and a half days to complete Thursdays challenge. When the next challenge is posted, the site owner will send us an email. We may be sleeping when the email comes in. (Yes, we do have to sleep!) What happened last time, generally, was that as soon as someone found the challenge, a link was posted to it in the Natural Designs in Scrapbooking forum. Any and all are welcome to do that this time as well. If you have not checked out the forum yet, we encourage you to take a look. You do not need to register to read any post, but you do need to register if you wish to post in the forum. Sometimes this happened before the official notification. But official notification of the next sponsoring site, and the next challenge, will be made via this blog each Monday and Thursday at no specific time, due to the reasons stated above.

3. What time on Sunday is the cutoff for registering and posting LO links?

Again, as stated in the ADSR rules, layouts must be posted, and the notification email of the posting, must be received by midnight Sunday, Pacific Daylight Time to be eligible.

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Alyson said...

I sent in my registration on the 8th, but haven't recieved confirmation and my team name is not on the list along the side of your blog. Do I need to resubmit my registration, or should I just be more patient?