Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Answering a Few Questions

A few people left questions in the comments. I can't answer people directly from Blogger, so I'll post the questions and answers here:

Q) The LO'S, does each team member have to make 1 LO for each challenge or should you make a LO as a team?
A) It depends on the challenge and the site. For most challenges, each team member will complete a single layout. You can coordinate on a theme, tell a story between your two layouts, or just do your own individual things. In some challenges though, you'll collaborate. Full details for each challenge will be posted on the host site.

Q) I've uploaded my blinkie you made for our team, and I have been trying to add it to my siggies, but it won't show up. Am I doing something wrong???
A) That's hard to say without looking at your code. All PHP bulletin boards use the same code. The first thing you need to do is upload the .gif file to a photo hosting site such as PhotoBucket or ImageShack. Then, you edit your signature in the forum and insert the following code:


replacing the part between the [img] [/img] tags with the actual URL of your file. If you want your blinkie to link back somewhere, like a blog, use this code:


replacing the site name and file location with your information.

Q) Is there a race blinkie that we can use????
A) Yes, ever team that registers gets a custom blinkie sent when the registration process is complete. If you sent in your registration and did not receive one, then something happened and you are not registered. Please contact me at the ADSR e-mail.

Q) Can we change our information?
A) Yes. If you change your team name, add a blog, or make a team blinkie, go ahead and send those to me. I'll update the blog. But, if you change your team name, don't expect a new custom official Race blinkie. I'm only making one per team, :-). Also, try to get all changes into me before the race starts on July 16. After that, I can't promise I'll have much time to

apparently I didn't have time to finish this post! I think what I meant to type was that I won't have much time to make edits to team names, etc. with all the race activities taking place.


Anonymous said...

lol....not much time to

I guess you ran out of time to finish the post!

MaisieD said...

Not trying to upset you, but...
I did upload the siggie you made for us to photobucket, and added it my siggie as you described, but for some reason, it's just not working. It worked for like a day, and just dissappeared.

lacyrenfro said...

I like useing imagecave.com for my file hosting. It gives you every possible posting option out there. From URL, Htp, Image, thumbnails, and size modifications.