Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Bain of My Existence

Also known as that danged mailing list. It isn't working the way I had hoped. So, I'm switching to Yahoo Groups. I will invite everyone who is registered. You will only be sent an invite to the e-mail address you provided as your contact e-mail for the race. If you want to change that e-mail, you'll need to let me know at the RaceHost e-mail address.

I sincerely apologize for this added step. But hopefully, this will be it. And the nice thing is, with the Yahoo Group, I can set it up so only I can send out messages. No clogging up your in-boxes! After I get this set up, you'll only receive three messages a week from me unless something comes up.

Thank you SO much for all your patience!


Bonnie said...

i was wondering why this wasn't an option to begin with! much easier! Thank goodness! You'll find it much easier to handle too. Great stuff! Thanks for keeping us informed and for all your hard work, I know it seems to go unnoticed, but we notice and appreciate it! Hugs to you and your DH!

Amy W. said...

Yeah! I was a bit confused by the previous one so excellent choice! Sorry it's been such a hassle for you. Hugs to keep you going. And thanks for the hard work. Should we send you a bottle of Tylenol already?