Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quick Reminder about the Yahoo Group

If you are not a member of the Yahoo Group, where the prize codes were distributed, please, please send me an e-mail at the RaceHost e-mail address. If you post comments in the blog, I have no way of adding you. Even a first name isn't always helpful because many teams registered with only screen names. I need your team name and e-mail address to send you the invitation.

Also, if you ARE a member of the Yahoo Group and didn't get an e-mail, it could be that you are set up to not receive e-mail, are on digest, or for some reason, the message just didn't make its way to your in-box. No worries. You can log into the group at any time and read the messages on line. That's the beauty of Yahoo Groups.

To get to the group, just go to After you log in, you'll see all the groups you are a member of. Mine are sorted in alphabetical order, so you may need to scroll down, but the group name is The Amazing Digi Scrapping Race.


Dale said...

What is the host e-mail address?

Amberlee said...

ack...I need to find that, I haven't been getting emails. And I had gotten an email previously....Help!