Monday, August 13, 2007

Please Be a Little Patient with Me

We had a busy family day yesterday. E and I took the kids to the circus earlier in the day and then went to the Chargers/Seahawks game last night. Roughly 70-80% of the teams sent their links in for both challenges at some point yesterday. I stayed up as late as I could last night checking links, but I still have a lot more to check.

My hope is to get them all checked today, but please be a bit patient with me and don't panic just yet if you didn't receive a confirmation e-mail from me.


Angelsdigiscrap said...

I completely understand with having children of my own. Just remember that family always comes first! :)
Take care,
Angel from Scrapzone Angels

~Angie said...

totally understand!!!
The Cherry Chicas!

Dorann said...

I understand too. Please forgive me for resending my links before I had read this post.

scraps in a box

2 moms of 3 said...


We appreciate all the HARD work you have put into this fantastic race.

Diana of 2Momsof3