Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ADSR Week 4

I've finally gotten through all the e-mails and links. I'm waiting to hear back from Karah to get the prize codes out to everyone who qualifies.

There are 153 teams that are still qualified for the Grand Prize drawing.

A couple of reminders...

1) You don't have to wait until Sunday to send me your links if your layouts are finished prior to that.
2) Don't forget to send me an e-mail. If I don't get one, I will still check your official race gallery that you registered with, but if I don't easily see your layouts (i.e. they are obviously ADSR), I'll remove your access to the Yahoo group and disqualify your team from the Grand Prize. If it turns out you've posted your layouts in another gallery, it's up to you to let me know this.
3) If you change your e-mail address, please let me know!
4) If you change your official race gallery, please let me know!
5) If you sent me an e-mail with your links, I responded with a confirmation. If you didn't get a confirmation, don't assume I got your e-mail.
6) Don't forget to post your link for Challenge #8 on Dani's blog. The prize from Design by Dani will NOT be distributed through the Yahoo Group. The only way to get this prize is to post a link to your layout on Dani's blog.

Okay, that's it for now. Hopefully you'll get an e-mail from the Yahoo Group soon with the prize information for Challenge 7.

I think for Season 3, we'll go for a private forum at NDISB for communicating prize information. Yahoo Groups has been relatively unreliable. But only two more weeks to go and we can abandon Yahoo forever...


placeoflight said...

all the best in your race =)
I like art too.

Side by Side said...

You have done an amazing job!
I appreciate all the comments on my layouts :)

I think a private discussion is a very smart idea for race #3.

babydoe said...

I can't see a place to post links for our #8 LO in Dani's Blog.

Clare said...

babydoe - you need to post your link in the comments section of Dani's blog just like you posted your comment here.Go here: http://designbydani.com/girltalk/?p=805#comments

Theresa - just wanted to say thanks for your hard work - I am LOVIN this race and can't wait for Season 3 - pretty please do it all again for us :)

Gurl On The Sun said...

WOW only two more weeks :(

michelle7259@yahoo.com said...

When does the ADSR #3 start? It seems like such fun that me and a friend of mine are going to join the next one.


Lori said...

A private forum is a great idea. I use a great free one at http://invisionfree.com/ for a parenting board I run, if you're looking for a great cheap option.

Leda said...

I was also wondering when the details of the next race would be released. I definitely don't want to miss it the next time!

babydoe said...

I'm sure all the teams registered this time was a great surprise. I can't begin to imagine all the work and time you have put into this fun event. I'm glad you are already thinking about Race 3--you are a brave woman!

Angelsdigiscrap said...

Has anyone else still not recieved the challenge prize from Dani's challenge? I've left my link, went back and posted my email address and still nothing. Just wondering what the deal is. :(