Saturday, February 14, 2009

Challenge 13 is optional

We have received several questions about this, and although it was not originally planned to be optional, we have changed our position due to a couple of factors.

Prior to the race, we said that the race was 6 weeks long, and that there would be up to 12 challenges in this post. Based on this, and the fact that we had only 12 challenge galleries made ready in the gallery would lead a reasonable person to expect that the race would be six weeks long with 12 challenges. So Challenge 13, hosted by Natural Designs is optional.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion wrought by this additional challenge. We were looking to add an additional element of fun, along with a surprise to the end of the race, but we realize that some plans had been made around the original 6 week expectation.

The Grand Prize drawing will be held after the conclusion of the checkin process for Challenge 13. We expect that the Grand Prize drawing will be held sometime during the week of February 22. Good luck!


PatinParis said...

Well I admit I was surprised...but figured this is a race, there could always be a surprise or two (and there were among the 12!!) I had not planned for the extra 13th either but am going to gladly try and get it done...and of course so is my partner!

Penny said...

We're doing it and having fun while we're at it! Thanks so much for everything you do!

Janie said...

Is the clock going to be set for this one?