Friday, January 2, 2009

Try This Link Instead!!

For some reason, when I linked directly to the chat room, it gives an error, chatroom full. So try this link instead:

then, click on Community/Chat from the academy page to get to the chat room. Sign in as a guest. The chat room allows 200 guests, and right now we have less than 50. So that should work.

Also, the rules stated the chat would kick off at 10:00 but after a week on vacation, my brain is mush and I forgot. So I'll be hanging out until at least 10:30 EST with the coupon code.

A link to the kit in the store that the coupon code will work towards will be posted on this blog as well.

1 comment:

Monica (RI) said...

Awww I can't get says:

Over max sessions, connection failed, please try later!

Guess I'll have to miss out....