Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting to Know Our Hosts - Hummie's World

We wanted to provide you an opportunity, between challenges, to learn a little more about the generous sites that have offered to be stops on Season 4 of the ADSR. Your first destination was a little corner of the internet known as Hummie's World. Here is just a little bit about Hummie's World that you may or may not have already known. Be sure to stop by and poke around a bit more to see everything they have to offer:

Hummie’s World is a site focused on learning and inspiration.

1. Learning – Hummie teaches in Photoshop Elements. There are many free .pdf tutorials available for the beginner to advanced users. There are currently over 188 video tutorials, some free as samples and the rest in the Subscriber Area. Hummie continues to record videos each week, adding new content. Many more experienced PSE users have exclaimed how much they have learned even in the basic tutorials. To view the indexes of the tutorials, see this page:

2. Inspiration – The site is full of challenges. Most challenges are available for all in the main area of the forum. The gallery is an open gallery to all that are participating in the challenges and the community (in that you can use products from anywhere). Anyone may create a challenge and post it (not just Hummie). There is even an away section to share challenges found at other sites. Do you like designing and sharing what you make? The site also offers these challenges.

The Subscriber Area contains the technique challenges with videos. There will always be something new to learn and this is what keeps our hobby so addictive. Be motivated to scrap pages by trying new techniques on pages. The Subscriber Area also contains the template challenges with currently 50 available templates and more being made each month. Do a template a day!

Need help improving your layouts? Be sure to utilize the Layout Suggestion threads in the Subscriber Area where Hummie will share design principles with you. Others are welcome to help each other too.

Hidden away in the Resource threads of the forum is the Resource Jamboree, full of links to other sites and blogs sure to keep you busy for weeks. In addition, there is an extensive list of links to tutorials and resources at other sites on the link pages. Don’t miss them!

3. Products – Hummie’s World does not have a shop. All products are shared as free downloads in the Subscriber Area, including full kits, templates, and small items used in tutorials, all shared to help those who are learning. There are currently over 125 downloadable folders in the Subscriber Area.

Although advertising is not welcome on the site, there is a forum area for enabling. In this area you may share great finds at other sites for purchase. There is also an area for sharing freebies available at other sites. The site is supportive of all other sites, but without the motive to advertise.

The Subscriber Area is only $5.50 a month. I suppose one could subscribe for one month, grab all the templates and freebies, and unsubscribe. However, I do hope that those that subscribe become active participants in the lessons, technique challenges, and template challenges. For more information on Subscribing, read here:

Hummie just wants to get people excited to always learn new things and to just get some pages done to preserve our memories. She stresses journaling to create treasures that are sure to be there for a lifetime to come.


Anne of Alamo said...

I just wanted to say how sweet Hummie has been thru this crazy time of the race...especially being first....
I have enjoyed going around her forum and it is just a breath of fresh air...go there and unwind and remember why you started scrapping!
It is fun!

TiggerRD/Tanya said...

I really enjoyed the challenge and getting to know a bit more about Hummmie and Hummie's World. Thanks!