Friday, January 2, 2009

The Kickoff Chat

Okay... here's the deal.

If you click on the "academy" link at the top of the forum, under the header, that will take you to the host of the chat. Roll your mouse over "Community" and click "chat". One of two things will happen, it will allow you to log in (as guest), or it will say something about Max Sessions Exceeded. It seems like the limit is actually 50 people, not 200.

Theresa is going to ask early arrivers to leave by the top of the hour. And... the chat will continue beyond the top of the hour. Apparently Theresa forgot that the rules (that she wrote ) said 10PM Eastern. Anyway, anyone that wants to participate should get to participate. If you still can't get in, please post to this forum by 10:45PM EST tonight, and we will ensure that you get the chat prize. Thanks!

(Posted by Ernie while logged in as Theresa!)

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