Friday, February 29, 2008

BONUS Challenge!!

So, we mentioned we'd have a couple of surprises this season. The first was that the NDISB admin chose to hand out gift certificates to the team with the blinkie he liked the best. Surprise number two is a BONUS challenge!

This challenge is brought to your courtesy of DragonFlaire Studios. This fun challenge is optional, but should you choose to participate, they have a $10 gift certificate to their store and a chance to win a one-year subscription to Ladies Home Journal.

To see the details of this bonus challenge, click here.


Rose said...

Where do we post our Bonus challenge LOs at NDISB? Is this considered Challenge Number 3 or is there a special Bonus Gallery??

Anonymous said...

When is this due?

Meta Meulenbelt said...

Hi Theresa, is this also a challenge for both team members or is this an individual challenge? I could imagine that one teammember wouldn't want to participate and the other would.

Paige said...

I am also interested to know if this is a "team" optional challenge or if you can do it alone. Thanks.