Friday, February 29, 2008

Bonus Challenge Q&A

Q) When is this due?
A) Because it is optional, and a bonus, there is no official due date, but it must be completed before the race ends. Because it is optional and because there is no official due date, I will e-mail the prize codes to you when you complete the challenge rather than posting them in the private prize code forum.

Q) Where do we post our Bonus challenge LOs at NDISB? Is this considered Challenge Number 3 or is there a special Bonus Gallery??
A) We will create a Bonus challenge gallery. Give us a day or so. (Done now)

Q) Is this a team challenge, or can each team member do it individually?
A) All challenges are individual challenges unless it is specified. Since this one didn't specify it as a team challenge, it is an individual challenge. And because it is optional, both team members do not need to complete it.

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