Wednesday, December 17, 2008


As of this afternoon, we are up to 136 teams registered!

Yay ADSR4!

Eventually, we will have all of the team blinkies and names posted on the left side of the blog. But for now, you can check out the team names here.

Also, this is where you will post links to your ADSR4 layouts that you will post in the NDISB Gallery. Find your team number, and post the link to your challenge layout in that thread. Each team member is responsible for posting their own layouts to the gallery. We will have an ADSR4 Challenge gallery, and each challenge will have its own gallery. So Challenge One will be posted in the ADSR4 Challenge One Gallery, and so on. I will post links as soon as I have created these galleries.

Oh... so you've just wandered in here, 'cause you heard about the ADSR but don't really know what it is? GREAT! Scroll down a ways, and read some of our earlier posts, and follow some of the links and you will get a pretty good idea. Basically, it's a way to have a lot of fun, get a dozen or so digital scrapbook layouts done in six weeks, and get some really cool prizes along the way, with a chance to get some more uber cool stuff at the end. And guess what? No judging! Just finish a layout (according to the challenge) and keep on going. (And we don't kick out the last one done either!)

If you think that you would like to give it a go, but don't have a partner (we race in teams of two), you can look for a partner here. Many good friendships have been made in the race that have continued on. Hope to see you at the race!

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