Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And the floodgates have opened!

Day three, and we have already received over 40 entries into ADSR4! Thank you for your enthusiasm!

If you have already sent your registration in for the Race, and you followed the instructions in the rules below, then we have most likely received it, and are processing it. We will be sending out confirmation emails to let you know that your registration was received, and processed. But... please be patient. It may take a few days to process the registration, and get a confirmation email to you. (We actually do have real jobs, so all of this gets done in our "spare" time.) If more than a week goes by, and you still have not received a confirmation email, then we would ask that you follow up. But please allow us that time to attend to your initial email.

Once again, thank you for your enthusiasm, and make sure that you tell your friends about all of the fun (and prizes) that they will be missing out on if they don't join in!


Anonymous said...

So excited! Thanks for everything you do to make this race so much fun & a learning experience!

Tabitha said...

This is my first race but I'm really excited about it! Can't wait to start.