Friday, June 29, 2007

A Little Update

We are now up to 28 registered teams (so 56 racers) yay! And since last night, the following sponsors have signed on to donate to the Grand Prize:

Disc Talk Radio
Christine Smith
Lie Fhung (Ztampf)
LaWanna Desjardine
Memory Purses
Shabby Princess

Our grand prize total is now around about $550 per team member and climbing!


MaisieD said...

I've uploaded my blinkie you made for our team, and I have been trying to add it to my siggies, but it won't show up.
Am I doing something wrong???

Chris said...

Awesome prizes!!! I love all the blinkies. This Race will ROCK!!

Brenda said...

Theresa...I'd love to donate something if you need...:)

Laura said...

Question about the race...

The LO'S, does each team member have to make 1 LO for each challenge or should you make a LO as a team?


Amy said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! I SO WANT A MEMORY PURSE!!!!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!! This is going to be so awesome! Thanks ladies!!!!!

Sara E said...

WOW!!!!!!!so exciting!

Christine Smith said...

that's a great prize stacking up there~