Monday, April 7, 2008

The Amazing Digi Scraping Race - Season 3: The Numbers

1 - team given two numbers (see, even we screw up sometimes!)
2 - babies born (that we know of)
4 - Phoenix teams (teams created from the ashes of former teams)
6 - weeks of ADSR3
33 - teams that were not able to complete the race
186 - teams left standing at the end
216 - number of teams that started the race
220 - total team numbers assigned
4,047 - challenge layouts uploaded
13,323 - comments left (and counting)
Unknown - number of those comments left by frani_54 (Thanks Fran!)
Also, number of hours logged by mummakat and Susan – s3js helping us verify layouts (Thanks Kat and Susan!)
Unknowable - number of elements used in Challenges 7 and 10!
Countless - Questions asked and (hopefully) answered
Still counting - Contributions to the Grand Prize and runner-up prizes


Queen of Chaos said...

This blog entry is very cool! I like how you gave all the information in a fun way.

It's been a fantastic time for me and Rae! {both of our 1st}

Even though I got frustrated at a couple different challenges- I am so glad I did this race because now I know MORE then I did before! {which wasn't much to begin with} So thank you all a ADSR for making and creating and putting so much time, love and effort into this season 3 of the race. I really appreciate what you have done for us! :)

Rose said...

I'm so happy that I participated in the race this year. It was so much fun!! can't wait for season 4.

Tanya/TiggerRD said...

Teehee - what about the number of unviewable layouts by me? That might be hard to count too - but at least 10 of my own, not to mention the other members' layouts that appear as a 4 pixel by 4 pixel square when posted.

Thanks for all the fun! Looking forward to next season!

Sabine said...

Great counting!!
I am stunned by the amount of comments the NDISB team left on all the layouts made by the participants! It is really much appreciated to see so many layouts with comments in a gallery :)
Thanks for all the fantastic work you all did during the Race and the Race partners that participate to finding some challenging challenges.

I feel ready for Season 4! (well, in 3 months, just let me breathe a little before the next start...)

Sonja N said...

that is just astonishing numbers! Thanks for a great season of the most challenging, funnest race in digi-land!!!

Dnadryad said...


Dawn said...

cool numbers! I had a great time playing!